Old and New Recipes of Natural Healing

This book describes an absolutely natural and very efficient healing method!
All pandemic life-threatening cancers, diabetes, heart-diseases yield a position and vanish.
Among majors: food and herbal medicine, healthy air and water, physiotherapeutic methods, moral health.
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Dear Reader,

I decided to share my personal experience of overcoming pancreatic cancer in this little book with the hope that it will help other sufferers. It is no secret that cancer has become a pandemic disease ending millions of lives prematurely, leaving families and loved ones behind. In fact, the current tragic statistics state that cancer remains the second most common cause of death in the US, accounting for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths". World Cancer Research Fund International: "There were an estimated 14.1 million cancer cases around the world in 2012. The number is expected to rise to 19.3 million by 2025".

In early 2005, just over nine years ago at the time of writing, I became one of these multiple victims. I experienced severe symptoms and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
By cheer coincidence, I had the good fortune of learning about an extremely effective System of Natural Healing only weeks before this grim diagnosis. Due to strong evidence of success with this natural treatment method, I decided to embark on its path instead of following conventional methods of treatment, which I believe to be harmful and detrimental to health in the long run.

I am eternally grateful for having gathered the courage to take this into my own hands at the time. Today, at 68 years of age (2014), I enjoy an interesting, productive and healthy life, full of the energy and vitality I knew in my younger years.

The book "Must Pancreatic Cancer be a Self-inflicted Torment?" describes in detail the methods I followed in treating and eventually healing pancreatic cancer, and explains why they work. It's an interesting journey into the body physiology.
It’s written in plain, easy to understand language, and anyone can read it having just general notions of biology and biochemistry. Nevertheless, the explanations given are based on a collection of the latest information on developments in cancer research and a simple approach to healing without resorting to medications and the use of invasive methods, such as chemotherapy and radiation that do more harm to the health than good.

The book gives information on the experience accumulated by human beings for centuries and centuries of natural approach to healthy lifestyle and used all around the Globe, and the content of the book can be described as follows:

Introduction - the reasons, why the book is written.
I. Beginning and reversal of the illness - describes how the disease began, what was done to suppress it and the results of the method used.
II. Galina Shatalova and her System of Natural Healing – gives outline of the life of prominent Russian neurosurgeon Galina Shatalova, the healing method that she developed and results of its implementation and use.
III. Food as medicine – gives reasons why vegan diet has healing effect and can be used as medicine to suppress major dangerous pandemic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and improve overall health conditions of everyone.
IV. The water that we drink – attracts attention to the importance of use of protonated water to replenish water content in the body.
V. The air we breathe - about chemical toxication of the body through the lungs and healing influences of the air, enriched with air ions and peroxide vapor.
VI. Physical exercising and organism hardening – describes physiology of action of physical work and thermal procedures; gives methods of disease treatments with high and low temperatures and explains why they work.
VII. Bio-energy – describes discovery of mitogenetic radiation and possible applications of this discovery for healing and rejuvenation. Further research in this direction is desirable.
VIII. Moral health and human society – emphasizes the fact that major source of physical diseases is moral deficiency.
Conclusion - here I share the major ideas that made me a healthy person and armed with the ability to fight for survival
Attachment A – table of food pH measurement results.
Attachment B – publication: "Changes of Water Colligative Properties in Distillation and Filtration Processes".
Attachment C - Guiding Ideas of Nonsectarian Humanity".
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I wish you all good luck.
George Danilov
Seattle, WA, USA