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Rideshare to the mountains

Stevens Pass
Snohomish county mountain

Map of the Mountain with two sides: Northern
and Southen, promised good impressions
Bright sunshine of a December day pushed out of home and forced to go uphill.
The trip was wonderful. Just look:

That's the beginning of the road on HW2 after Monroe with mountains far away

While one approaches the mountain the road becomes more and more picturesque,

with plays of the colors and ever-changing landscape.

When Skykomish is behind, you enter the wintertime,

and can see that the point, where the land and the sky meet, is not far away.

The closer the top of the mountain, the more UFOs are hanging around
An hour and a half of drive along a picturesque mountain road brings to a magical place.

And I was not the only one to succumb to the lure: parking was filled to overflowing

Nice to make your own memory image against beautiful slopes

The bright mountain sun was preparing its surprises

The longest lift of the northern side does not bring to the mountain summit,

but offers a nice scenic hillside view with lots of steep descents and turns.

The elevator to the top is running in a beautiful terrace.

Views that open from this chair are of breathtaking beauty,

and four-minute ascent flies by in no time.

The monument on the vertex of the mountain. Not leaving the memory of the stay is beyond human power.

Perspective of the neighboring vertices seems endless and mysterious.

The sunny southern slope is one of the most interesting and enjoyable.

The sun is going down. It's the time to leave. One more run from the top, with the hope to come back soon.
The first ride on the Skyline chair prompted that there might be surprises: the unpleasant sound of slipping on icy spots of the trail was heard and reminded that one must be slightly cautious. And if on flat ground all goes smooth, steep sections of the path force to do sharp turns, where slips on the ice are easy. But, of course, the fall on the ice may not pass without a trace. However, the overall impression of the mountain slopes makes one forget the little things of the life.
Hey for the mountains and Sun, vanish the darkness of plains!

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