Personal page of George Danilov
Retired Physicist

For more than thirty years my work was devoted to experimental research in physics.
It includes: design of Microwave generators of super high power using energy of near relativistic beams of electrons; methods of ultrasonic testing of metals, development of methods of x-raying and growth of crystals. My research work during several last years is devoted to studies of physical properties of water. And my approach to these studies is: stay as close to nature as possible. Water is very sensitive to any influence. That is why I always try usage of non-invasive methods, to the extent they are possible, with the aim to observe water behavior and its response to and correlation with ambient conditions. My approach is that water does have this correlation.
Studies of properties of water in BIOE, University of Washington, in the position of visiting scientist, brought interesting publications:
1. Water droplets coalescence and air bubbles in water:Water droplets and air bubbles.
2. Studies of water distillation and filtration processes: “Change of Water Colligative Properties in Filtration and Distillation Processes”.
3. Analysis of interfacial area of water and nafion: “Protonated water in the nafion-water interfacial area”.

The future depends on enlightenment of our children. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and skils. Well developed society shall think about affordable and compulsory high level education for every member of the society. Bringing up healthy, educated, spiritually matured young generation is a part of my overall life activity. Teaching high school students to physics and sharing with them my experience of nature laws studies based on scientific methods, and also healthy lifestyle in the society takes remarkable place in my mind.

My main aim and approach to teaching is based on rising student’s motivation to studies in the field of experimental physics. Laboratory work allows to individualize teaching according to student ability. The objective of the laboratories is to introduce students to experimentation, problem solving, data gathering, and scientific interpretation early in their careers as high school seniors. Technological development of the modern society requires more and more qualified workers with high school education in natural sciences. But not less important task is growing administrators with profound knowledge of physical laws so that they could successfully conduct sophisticated enterprises and industries. Rising interest to physics is a challenging and intresting work of the modern time.

Circle of my interests also includes Athletic activities such as freediving, mountain skiing, tennis and many others.
One of the results of interest to healthy lifestile includes the publication of the book

George Danilov

Basic education
Year InstitutionSpecialization Degree
1973 - 1978Physics Faculty of Moscow State
University named after M.V. Lomonosov
Physics of Electronics Master of Physics
1965 - 1972Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics,
Electronics and Automation