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Introduction 3
I. Beginning and reversal of the illness 6
II. Galina Shatalova and her System of Natural Healing 13
III. Food as Medicine 53
IV. The Water That We Drink 79
V. The Air We Breathe 87
VI. Physical Exercising and Organism Hardening 99
VII. Bio-energy 110
VIII. Moral Health and Human Society 115
Conclusion 129
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Acknowledgements 157
About the author 158

The 20th century saw remarkable changes in the development of human civilization. However, the development combined both a splash of technology development with remarkable damage to nature. Two bloody world wars and multiple civilian and international wars around the globe aggravated the gloomy side of the history. It featured remarkable human interference into many processes of nature with the attempt to change them and dictate to nature ways to behave. This includes but is not limited with deforestation of the Earth and wet lands inning to the level that leads to climate changes; radioactive contamination of many areas of habitation; introduction of GMOs and use with easer unpredictable or very bad consequences. While some epidemic diseases, such as plagues were suppressed, new, not less dangerous and grim, pandemic diseases now challenge peaceful existence.

Among the notorious cancer diseases, pancreatic cancer is one of the major killers, as a rule within about six months of diagnosis. What results is an unsuccessful struggle within the brackets of modern conventional medicine, using very harmful means of intervention into the human body. The last six months of life for someone with this disease is typically a time of extreme suffering as the patient experiences severe symptoms of disorders and pain in the digestive tract, accompanied by terrifying attritional insomnia and complete frustration.

This book describes my personal journey struggling against pancreatic cancer. I share it because I believe my story might be helpful for others experiencing the same or similar health problems. I intentionally use the nickname "Naturalist" on the cover of the book to emphasize that the main, overall healing method in curing my cancer was abidance by the laws of nature. The method is absolutely natural and completely avoids all artificial harmful interventions, such as "chemistry" or radiation. It returned my life to one of the vibrant health I enjoyed in my youth.

When I speculate on the reasons why this healing method works, I am far from thinking that I say something really new. Indeed, many of these speculations were probably presented before in a better form and from more learned professional sources. However, the composition of the material is such that makes them simpler and less wordy. At least, I believe, it is persuasive enough since contains my personal experience and experiments with my personal health that I describe as precisely as I can. Besides, I describe many natural healing methods that are forgotten now in spite of their very efficient implementations. In this sense this book can serve as a good collection of methods of fight against pathogenic fungus infection that causes cancers, as well as against other self-inflicted health problems.

I was "lucky" to experience all the symptoms that accompany pancreatic cancer in January 2005. That was when I began to feel a sudden impairment of health, expressed in severe digestive disorders, pain in the gut, and frustrating insomnia. My visits to clinics and consultations with doctors did not provide any explanation. However, my good friend from a Research Medical Center found solid spots in the pancreas using ultrasonic diagnostics. A blood antibodies test confirmed his suspicions about tumors in the pancreas. Not a very long and joyful future lay ahead of me.

Nine years have passed since that time, and today my life is full of energy, impressions, and ideas. While my experience does not set up a claim to a scientific study, I hope the reader might find some ideas interesting to check. This book does not contain any universal prescriptions that might be good for everyone. If you feel that some of described methods can be useful for you and able to follow the same road, you can follow it in your own personal way, using what feels good for you and doing it at your personal discretion and taking full responsibility.

I am not a medical doctor and according to the law have no right to prescribe any healing medicine to anyone. (Though widely adopted modern conventional medicine homicides millions of people absolutely lawfully and this slaughter of civilian population is well financed and appreciated.) This book describes my personal experiments with my health only. My opinions are based on these experiments, my good education and vast experience in research work that has committed me to the so-called "scientific method”: experimentation, deriving conclusions of data, making speculations and substantiating them with further experiments.