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Health is one of the key issues of a happy life.
However, quite often, people take health as something, given for granted, assuming that everything that they are doing is good for health. This webpage discusses impact of food on health issues. What we eat and what we have as a result of our food preferences? This is not an idle question.

Famous Russian neurosurgeon Galina Shatalova declined surgery operations as a way of malignant tumors treatment and developed her way of mortal diseases healing using natural resistivity of human body that gains its real power with vegan diet. Here is one of real stories describing the influence of vegan diet on pancreatic cancer healing using System of Natural Healing by Shatalova.
Itís a remarkable event that almost at the same time several American doctors and surgeons came to the same conclusions. And among them mentioned in the film: Colin Campbell, Caldwell B. Esselstyn.
The network of clinics using Natural Healing system is growing. One of such clinics is here: John McDougall and some others.

Forks over knives.
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Part one
(screen time 30 minutes)
Part two
(screen time 29 minutes)
Part three
(screen time 35 minutes)

Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive
(Fantastic lecture by Dr. Neal Barnard on what type of food hooks us most causing negative impact on health)

English text copyrighted by Physicians Committee by Responsible Medicine, Reproduced by Permission.
There is a proverb: put oil into the fire. But what happens if water is splashed onto the burning oil? This movie is about it.

What to do if the oil is burning in a frying pan?

The key issue here is to use wet, but pressed towel!
In the film, the instructor tried to extinguish the fire using 2 liters of water in a pan attached to the 3-meter pole to throw water on the fire. Since water is heavier than oil, it sinks to the bottom and immediately turns into superheated steam. The explosive force of water vapor throws fine droplets of burning oil up and out.
This experiment, performed in the open field, caused the formation of the fireball of ten meters high, which resembled a nuclear blast. Inside the kitchen, the fireball reaches the ceiling and fills the entire room. Also, never throw sugar or flour on the fire. One cup creates the explosive force of two sticks of dynamite. This film is a vivid example of the consequences of improper handling of fire. Watch the video and do not forget what you saw. Tell all your friends and family about this video. Or, better yet, send them a link to this movie.

New approach to cancer causes and cure in the book
"Must Pancreatic Cancer be a Self-inflicted Torment"

Here is a very interesting information about our sea brothers.
Dolphins. What are they?
very peace-loving, dedicated and friendly
although, sometimes, they may love tricks,
they are very gentle,
but they do not like bullying.
It looks like they are somewhat better than people. Could it be due to the fact that they eat fish only?



Guiding Ideas of Nonsectarian Humanity

Nature Message to Earthlings