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Is there a Way to Prosperity and Democracy in Russia?

Role of Ideology in the Country Life
Spiritual Society Bringing up
Program of Semination of Civilization Development Laws
Church Role in the Spiritual Society Bringing up
What Results Can be Expected?
Role of Spiritually Developed Country in the World

Role of ideology in the country life.
What role does an ideological doctrine dominating in the country play in the life of any individual citizen of the country? Is ideology necessary for a human being in his or her everyday life? An overwhelming majority of country population is far from being politicized and has no any wish to hear political talks, initiated and inflated by mass media representatives working for political forces of the country. People are much more interested in everyday life and their personal well-being trying to overcome problems.

There are not so many people seeking authoritative position in the governmental or other administrational or political bodies. And, as a rule, these people are not inclined to be of high moral principles serving to interests of the community. Many people seek the power for satisfaction of personal ambitions and interests of their personal well-being, guided by the belief that their position at an imperative rudder (the handles of the country capital management) can bring considerably more than banal manufacture of material assets or services. This fact is reflected in proverb: "politics is a dirty business". Though, certainly, there are also such administrators, who understand very well complexity of governmental tasks and their responsibility before the people who have entrusted them the authority.

There is a common believe in Russia that low living standards and poverty of a country citizens majority are caused by bad quality of country administration. The opinion prevails that "good king" can make the country prospering and highly economically developed, ensuring means of prosperity for all citizens of the country. It is believed that everything depends on how many country administrators think of interests of the country and its citizens and neglect their personal interests.

Let's look at the problem more attentively. First of all it would be desirable to note that the country administrators have not arrived from abroad and have grown in Russia. They were brought up and have got education in Russia. And the dominant ideological doctrine and atmosphere of the common moral values of the country where they were born and brought up has played basic role in forming their mentality. Thus, it is possible to say, that the government of the country is flesh and blood of its community. Therefore it is difficult to separate government from the community.

Let's discuss now, what a "good king" could do, if he is completely subordinated to the task of prospering community construction. First of all, it is necessary to understand problems, which the economic development of the country collides with and reasons of failures, which are usually searched in: bad government, bad laws, bad climatic conditions, and so on, and so forth. But the real reason is only one: it is impossible to create or construct something without application of knowledge and efforts. But Russian people have been brought up so that they want money and good life here, now and without any real productive work. The psychology like: "work loves gecks" dominated in the community for too long time.

During Soviet period in Russia despotism of communist party top leaders trying to supervise absolutely all and everything, has resulted in formation in the citizens of the country, on the one hand, complete apathy and unwillingness to think and work honestly, and on the other hand, unwillingness to submit to obviously nonsensical and absurd instructions of the country authorities and live with respect to the country laws. All pores of the community was soaked with an atmosphere of the "back doors acquaintances", "call to my friend-administrator rights" and "kitchen talks of nothing is worthy and cared about". Lies, incorporated into all slogans and programs by politburo, have sprouted into people’s minds with mortal metastasis.

The essence of moral disability of Russian people of the post soviet period is that an overwhelming majority of the population sees the reasons for their problems outside of themselves, outside of their own views and actions, shifting the faults to someone else: to neighbors, colleagues, chief, minister, president. A way of changes to the best this overwhelming majority sees not in a creative work, in which he or she will be an initiator of both inspirational example and professionalism, but in prosecutions, when he or she will be on a punishing side, but others - be punished. The ideology of care for nothing and anarchy was and remains dominant in the Russian community.

Russian people do not wish to follow a rule of keeping high morals in their own behavior. And why should they? If a neighbor or a colleague can do beastliness, it would be better if I do the beastliness myself. Written laws and rules have no any force because of "care for nothing and anarchy" psychology. The professionalism requires efforts and responsibility, but laziness, indifference and addiction to alcoholic dopes prevail. All this is the reason of contempt to co-citizens. All this is the reason of billions of dollars leak abroad every month, corruption and larceny in all levels of administration, militia and courts. All this is the reason of car parking and driving on sidewalks, and two hundred twenty thousands of perished on motorways annually. All this is the reason of littering, cigarette fag-ends and empty beer bottles everywhere. All this is the reason of unhealthy dangerous food on sale in the food markets, and clothes, machinery and other hardware, which never have been intended for service to people's needs, but only for pumping out money from their pockets. All this is the reason of foreign workers armies in Moscow superseding the community unemployed, who, if they begin working, can produce nothing proper because of totally lost professionalism.

Habits to neglect and disrespect the ideas of freedom, equality and brotherhood, used as slogans by socialism, but profaned in the Russian type of socialism, has undermined the belief in the Laws of civilization development, which is the main ground for these ideas. Deprived of spirituality, Russian citizens do not want and cannot work, but it is impossible to construct anything without work. People do not trust each other because of general lack of spirituality and widely spread addiction to habits of larceny, but in an atmosphere of general mistrust everyone considers important to secure themselves, filling pockets with any possible ways, not avoiding larceny and murder. The basic motive is as such: if I do not steal - somebody else will steal. All this creates a vicious hopeless circle. All this is the reason of destruction and separation which Russia faces now.

All above mentioned testifies that a "good king" can do nothing in the country where citizens lost their morality. Neither interdictions, nor promises, nor ingenious economic and political issues can change the country life unless people start following democratic way of development themselves. By the words of Russian poet Mayakovski: "A man, even if a very important, cannot lift a simple five yards log, not saying about…" a country of hundred forty million citizens. And if a "king" cannot, is there anyone who can? Yes, there is someone: the citizens of the country can.

Only admission of these simple and obvious facts can make possible build up of a prospering democratic community of the people unified by this purpose. Is there a possibility to alter dominant ideology of the people's behavior? The ideology of larceny and "care for nothing" existed in the community for too long time and has penetrated into flesh, blood and subconsciousness of a majority. Such large and complex problem requires the same large attention and can be solved only when the purposes and tasks of the development of a civil community in the country as a whole will be precisely formulated. It is necessary that the young people would clearly understand what community they should live in and build up. And in this question the understanding is reduced practically only to the slogans of a type: economic prosperity, powerful country, technical progress and so forth. All this is wonderful, but all these purposes and tasks are only secondary ones.

But what is it necessary to aspire to? What is the primary purpose of mankind existence, and what is the essence of man's life? Concerning the global purposes and tasks of a happy people community build up, the sense of a human community existence can be defined as exploration of Nature and spiritual development of each human being in the sense of reduction of animal nature role in his (her) life and also follow up to the Nature Laws of civilization development. For the spiritually advanced people the work is a vital necessity. And work not for lying down on, but with application of all intelligence, knowledge and skills. Only such work can ensure economic prosperity of the country and make a community really democratic and each its member happy.

And what are these Nature Laws of civilization development and where they have appeared from? The educated people know well about physical laws of the physical Universe. But many feel bewildered by the fact that the development of animate nature also submits to laws. Recently in Russia a majority of people admits only one law of an animate nature. This is the law of “Natural selection”, which states that only the strongest survives. But it is the law of jungle. An advanced society should submit to other more complex laws. It is necessary to realize that not only animal beginning was incorporated into the human beings, but also mental ability allowing them to interfere with Nature life much more actively than other animals of the world. This mental ability (if it works well enough) is capable to perceive the Laws of civilization development, according to which the animals do not destroy similar ones, and can experience love, compassion, fidelity, solidarity. The Nature has enclosed these laws into the human beings to ensure its own survival.
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Democratic Society Bringing up
The most simple and apprehensible expression the Laws of civilization development have found in the "Gold rule" and in the "Ten commandments". There is also the law of Compensation, which in Russia is formulated in the proverb: "one who crops the wind will reap the hurricane". Besides there is a primary law - the law of Love, which appears to be the most difficult for perception, as far as it contradicts to the animal beginning of the man. These Laws of civilization development are fundamental and firm. Their infringement causes the most severe consequences for a community and people.

The essence of the Laws of civilization development consists in that they have been incorporated into the living creatures by the Nature, and actually never abandoned mankind. In this or that period of a history, they appeared on the surface as the slogans calling for freedom, equality and brotherhood. The force of these slogans is such that it often resulted in bloody collisions, but, enclosed into clever heads, can result in true prosperity, if used with due diligence and in creative atmosphere. The concept of democracy means nothing else but an embodiment of the Laws of civilization development into the life of a society. Too often democracy is interpreted as people's power. But what is the people's power? How can anyone exercise his or her power? This interpretation is perverted, as far as true democracy consists of respect of the country citizens to each other (all and everyone without exception to all and everyone) and in strict observance of the Laws of civilization development finding direct expression in the laws of a democratic state.

How to bring the information about these laws to people consciousness? And is it possible to do this without enormous expenses? The ways to solve this complex question exist, and the money input can be small. However it requires time, large efforts and patience. What shall we begin with?
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Possible Program of Semination of Knowlege of Civilization Development Laws

The general program of actions can be presented as follows:
  1. It is necessary to unite people, who admit the Laws of civilization development and follow this Laws in their life and agree with high purposes of the man’s existence on the Earth, in all community layers playing an appreciable role in the country life, as in legislative and executive bodies of authority, mass media, among the workers of art, theatre, pop-music, cinema and literatures, and also in educational institutions of all levels.
  2. To arm them with a firm knowledge and materials stating and propagandizing the Laws of civilization development.
  3. To help them in wide propagation of the civilization development Laws among the country population. Such propagation will allow hardworking people of honor to raise their heads and establish higher moral norms of existence in the country.
The basic of this program is the laborious, long-lasting work on increase of spiritual development level of young generation and all population. Consolidation of people, who admit the Laws, and their joint efforts on the Laws propagation among children of primary and high schools can raise dialogue culture in a community. The rise of a community cultural level will result in mutual respect of the country citizens, bringing up patriotic feelings. This also will result in reduction of larceny and barbarity in the country, reduction of confrontation between people, will help to their consolidation.

The ideas to be propagandized are very simple:
There are civilization development Laws established by Nature, which act in a row with Physical laws and conduct development of animate Nature. The human beings have been created to explore the physical world and promote development of animate nature. Everyone is free in a choice of his (her) way of thinking and acting. The people, who choose following to the Laws, promote development of a human civilization on the Earth. The people, rejecting and neglecting the Laws, conduce to development of enmity and destruction of the community. The Laws of civilization development dictate the following:
  1. It is impossible to build up a civil democratic society without comprehension and following of its citizens to the "Golden rule" (What you don't want done to yourself, don't do to others), as it will be "the jungle" not a civil society. Only honest respectful attitude to co-citizens can create a happy surrounding good for living in.
  2. 2. It is impossible to create a prospering society if the citizens constantly plunder products, which the community produces. A good life cannot be built on larceny, lie and deceit. These features can result only in a deeper stratification of a community. Such people simply saw down a branch, on which they sit. And if at the current stage the country creeps out thanks to the oil and raw materials prices rise, with the termination of this period all latent lacks of morally degrading community will come up evident.
  3. It is impossible to create a happy and prospering community without love and devotedness in the family. Neglect of marriage-bed fidelity concepts and widely spread promiscuity among youth of the country causes only explosive distribution of sexual infections (at times incurable) and, as a matter of fact, to destruction of the country population (mass suicide). Ill people cannot work properly and create a prospering community.
  4. It is impossible to build up a prospering community, if its members suffer narcotic dependence, i.e. are mentally sick. It is necessary to dispel a mystical cult of alcohol and tobacco existing in the country. Only constant reminders to the people of those dangerous consequences, which the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco can result in, can improve the situation.
  5. It is necessary to change psychology of the attitude to administrative bodies by inspiring people from the baby age with the idea that the administration exists to improve conditions of the country citizens life, instead of permitting (or forbidding) them to live and work. In the same way, the law-enforcement authorities exist to protect the rights of the country citizens, instead of punishing them.
  6. Action of the Compensation law will become weaker, if the inducing reasons disappear. For this purpose everyone shall stop and think before creating angriness in relation to co-citizens. It is impossible to build up a prospering community without everyone's moral responsibility to co-citizens. Only honest and responsible people can constitute a happy society.
  7. Big money does not make a man happy. Only a creative work, mutual understanding and respect of people can make a man really happy. The importance, which has a man with the large money, appears illusory, if this man has received the money without bringing real benefits to people, which are admitted by all and bring general respect to the man. Dishonest money lay a heavy burden on the man's soul.
  8. A man is to develop human society culture in all its aspects: mutual relations, personal behavior, development of science and art, culture of food and body. Austere vigor way of life, free of any glut and intemperance is the best one for achieving top development and approaching to the limits of human abilities.
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Role of the Orthodox Church in the Spiritual Society Bringing up.
All these simple statements follow from the Nature Laws of civilization development inherited by all religions of the world. But it is vitally necessary to pay attention to one very important feature. Very often in Russia the term spirituality is associated with the church. The identification of the man’s spiritual development with a church is an inexcusable mistake and deep error made by many people. The Laws of civilization development and human spirituality exist without dependence on religions and churches. The Laws are primary, religions preaching them are secondary. The firm Laws of human community development were stated and propagated with some variations by many known people: Pharaohs of Egypt new empire, Abraham, Moses, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Plato, Christ Jesus and others, however take the beginning outside of religions.

Besides a church inherits all negative features of a community, in which it was founded, and is sunk in unrestrained aspiration to accumulation of material assets and to conflicts. Unwillingness and the impossibility of the church employees to abandon silly dogmas incorporated into the Bible, representing an image of God in complete conformity to an image and similarity of the man can cause only smile of a modern educated thinking man. Parsons can hardly attract educated people with preachifying the Laws because they very rarely follow these Laws in their personal life. Their accusation of ordinary people with an Original Sin puzzles educated people and raises question: why should I pay to the church employees for a Sin which was committed by someone else.

All these church defects push away honorable people. While churches refuse to bring their doctrines in conformity with achievements of modern science and go on extracting material benefits from their "being next door to God" without paying taxes from sales of sanctity, they won't be able to restore trust to themselves. All this means, that there is no a church which is capable to unite all community and certainly can not formulate a portrait of a future community worth of aspiring to. Therefore it is necessary to leave to the church a field of activity, which it can ensure to itself. Only the most conscious citizens can solve the global tasks with their initiative and efforts, not the church.

It would be a deep mistake trying to shift this work on shoulders of churches as far as it can cause negative reaction to the Laws of civilization development. Their existence should be proven to be true by modern achievements of science only. And to do this it is necessary to involve history, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics into the school programs. This, beside all, will allow considerably expand an outlook and approaches of young people to the physical laws and to stimulate thinking of a young inquisitive mind over the Nature Laws. It is necessary to direct the youth forward, but not back to orthodox church.
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What Results can be Expected?
The skeptics can tell that it is impossible to overcome the money power and that mercantile thinking has always taken and will take over the Laws of civilization development. It is certainly not true. First of all because the Laws of civilization development never entered into a conflict with the alive world and only supervise over its development. Nobody is going to cancel money. The role of money should be just submitted to the formula of reasonable egoism. But how to introduce the formula of reasonable egoism to the community, which is living by the rules different from this formula too remarkably?

First of all it is certainly necessary to tell that no a revolution and property expropriation can change the situation. All revolutions cause only distraction and hatred. They have never created anything good. Therefore introduction of the formula will be a rather long process, as far as the people's mentality is one of the most inert substations. Nevertheless, it is possible to expect that the results will follow almost at once after the beginning of enlightenment. It should happen because not less than ten percents of the population of the country already live under the Laws of civilization development (some of them just do not realize this). These are those people, who work under any political and economic conditions, i.e. the people, who cannot live without work. This is just the potential, which can be used to change the dominating ideology of a community to the primacy of civilization development Laws. Some of them already put many efforts to increase moral foundations of the Russian community. It is necessary only to unite these people under common idea of the Laws.

The second reason why the results shall appear is that the Laws of civilization development are just the laws of the animate nature established by Nature; therefore they live in the soul of every person, living on the Earth. Many just do not hear the Laws suppressed by influence of dominant morals of the surrounding community and their own animal beginning. Nevertheless, the beginning of the Laws propagation will allow people to listen to their souls. And there are a lot of such people. Therefore it is possible to tell for sure that from the very beginning of the Laws propagation honorable people will get an ability to look around with their heads high and dishonest ones can be set to thinking. And what is the most important; it will leave a trace in the souls of young generation, providing them for a clear intelligent future.

Can this initiative affect the moneybags, who have taken possession of a significant part of the country wealth within bloody nineties of the twenty century? This question is not as simple as it might seem. There are educated intellectual people among them, who can approach to the questions of the country life not only from selfish view points of personal well-being and can see tasks and necessity of further country development, which is impossible without expansion of the democratic beginnings and formula of reasonable egoism. It is possible to hope that some can support and even to enclose the contribution to spiritual education and development of a civil community. Certainly, it would be good, if the country leadership would not only prevent, but also support work on the Laws and the formulas of reasonable egoism introduction into life.
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Role of Spiritually Developed Country in the World
The power of the Laws of civilization development is such that it rules the life of the total human civilization without regard to age, sex, race, creed and color of the people living on the Earth. The propagation of the firm Laws of mankind development can lead to both their comprehension and following them and can become the Pole Star, which can unite all people on the Earth and point out the direction of the further development. Would that be desirable to believe, that the beginning of the third millennium can become the beginning of overcoming of out-of-date dogmas bringing people to global disagreements, mistrust and enmity. The man can make it possible by introduction of the doctrine of the mighty Laws of civilization development power. However understanding and putting forward such idea to the people of the Globe can be done only by the most progressive countries and by the most outstanding political figures with global thinking allowing them to look forward into the future of the mankind. There is a hope that Russia can become such country. It has some potential.
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George Danilov

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